Spider Series
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Spider Series

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Why is Spider Jewelry So Popular?

The story of the famous "Spider" goes all the way back to ancient times, when in Egypt, there lived the Scorpion Queen, who was a relative of Cleopatra and the queen of Ancient Egypt. She was so beautiful that every eye in the land was drawn to her. She was an enchantress and was the queen of the poisonous serpents. In fact, she was so famous that when her consort found out about her beauty, he wished to marry her; but she refused to allow him.

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Then, he was angry at his wife for being beautiful. He vowed to kill her, which would make her even more beautiful. So he went to Egypt and summoned an Egyptian God, who then came and fought against the Scorpion Queen. Her body was badly wounded and it was said that she could no longer breathe because of her wounds. As a result, she breathed her last and God swallowed her. After that, she became a god and took a human form.


Legend tells us that the Spider Queen was the daughter of Cleopatra and the husband of Alexander the Great. The two lovers fought many times over their respective husbands. Eventually, Alexander defeated Cleopatra and took her husband as his king. Cleopatra went back home, and it is said that she was so beautiful that she was able to seduce the young Emperor who was so desperately in love with her that he fell in love with her. The Queen's lover became Cleopatra II and she lived for many years after the death of Alexander the Great.


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